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April 30, 2010
What a disappointment for beachgoers, after the concessionaire of the ill-fated Sand Café was effectively warned off a plan to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at Aliso Beach year round. After spending the money to build a new snack bar/restroom facility farther from the water ? leaving more space open for sunbathers near the shoreline ? the county is apparently back to square one in finding an operator for the brand-new, never-opened eatery. And the public is on the verge of again being denied a common and necessary beach amenity for the third year in a row. The concessionaire, who signed on after a lengthy bureaucratic process, is ready to throw in the beach towel.
April 1, 2005
advocate Joseph Anthony O'Sullivan, a former Laguna Beach City Councilman, died after a long illness at Mission Hospital at 12:15 a.m. Wednesday. He was 77. Born in Laguna Beach, October 4, 1927, in a house given to the family by his uncle, Msgr. St. John O'Sullivan of the San Juan Capistrano Mission, O'Sullivan worked as a lifeguard on local beaches as a teen during wartime and also sailed with the Merchant Marines before serving in the U.S. Army in Japan.
By Barbara Diamond | January 28, 2008
Arch Beach Heights got a better view on Jan. 22. The City Council voted unanimously to proceed with plans for a view park proposed for about 50 parcels in the neighborhood, acquired during the past few years by the city for open space. “The area starts at Santa Ana Street and goes all the way to Nyes Place,” City Manager Ken Frank said. “We get great views over private properties, so we don’t need to acquire them.” The concept of a view park in Arch Beach Heights was approved by the council in August 2007 and funds allocated to hire landscape architect Larry Steinle to prepare preliminary plans.
By Barbara Diamond | July 26, 2012
The city's Housing and Human Affairs Committee focused this past year on educating the public and supporting community and social services. Committee Chairwoman Lauriann Meyer presented a five-minute report at the July 17 council meeting on the year's activities. Meyer was a member of the subcommittee that worked on changes to the Second Residential Unit Ordinance, which was meant to increase the city's inventory of affordable housing and bring the ordinance into compliance with state law. The committee supported the changes to that ordinance, as did the Planning Commission and the City Council, which approved the amendments that same night.
By Joanna Clay | July 26, 2012
The California Coastal Commission has sent an informal letter to the city and the Montage Laguna Beach, asking for the resort's security to stop confronting the public at Treasure Island Park adjacent to the resort. The Coastal Commission has received several complaints over the past couple of months regarding the presence of private security in a public park, said Andrew Willis, an enforcement officer with the state agency. Patrick Veesart, the commission's Southern California supervisor, said it has independently confirmed that security guards have been asking park visitors to refrain from taking pictures of people in the private residences near the hotel.
By Cindy Frazier, | January 6, 2011
Driftwood Properties, LLC has dedicated 75 acres of land in South Laguna to the city of Laguna Beach, including land earmarked for a hotly contested proposed housing project. The dedication was made at the Dec. 16 California Coastal Commission hearing in San Francisco by John Mansour, vice president of The Athens Group on behalf of Driftwood Properties, according to a news release issued Dec. 17. "The ownership of Driftwood Properties is very pleased to announce a gift of 75 acres of land to the city of Laguna Beach for the public's enjoyment in perpetuity," said Mansour.
By Barbara Diamond | July 18, 2013
Sand will be the medium for artwork at the Laguna Art Museum's Art and Nature event in November. The Laguna Beach City Council on Tuesday approved the proposed "sand art" component of the weekend event, which will also include commissioned art, a keynote address by historian Kevin Starr, lectures, panel discussions, performances and children's programs. "We are hoping the event will grow over the years," said museum Executive Director Malcolm Warner. "Artists will be coming together with scientists in an interdisciplinary dialogue.
By Bill Shedd | November 27, 2009
The Laguna Beach fishing and lobster diving ban ? with its staunch support from the Laguna Beach City Council ? is now well on its way to becoming reality. The preferred option prohibits all recreational and commercial fishing and all recreational and commercial lobster take, from Abalone Point to Aliso Creek. This constitutes an almost total ban of the fishing public?s land based access. Ninety percent of the public access points are in the closed area and the few remaining public stairways such as at 1,000 Steps Beach don?
October 25, 2002
Lolita Harper It is a place so serene that the ocean lulls you to sleep at night and the birds wake you up with cheerful chirping in the morning. It is surrounded by the glitz, glamour and money of one of the richest cities in the country, but stays humble -- nestled in its isolated beachfront sanctuary. Crystal Cove State Park is a treasure, say longtime residents who fought hard to hold onto their little piece of heaven before finally being evicted, and it is great that the general public will have the opportunity to experience the magic of the cove.
By Barbara Diamond | April 26, 2007
Safety versus beauty on the sand in Laguna Beach will be debated by the California Coastal Commission in May. Proposed new lifeguard towers for seven city beaches have been appealed to the commission, based on aesthetic and environmental concerns. Similar towers are already in place on six other beach sites. The commission staff is recommending the commission determine that a substantial issue exists: the allegation that the towers do not conform to the standards set in the city's Local Coastal Plan, certified by the commission, or the public access and recreation policies in the California Coastal Act. A hearing on the appeal by Laguna Beach resident Sandra Siani, Commission Chair Patrick Kruer and Commissioner Sara Wan is scheduled for the May 9 through 11 commission meetings.
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