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As you may know, our city got blind-sided by Supervisor Chris Norby, who questioned publicly why Laguna Beach might receive funding from Orange County Transportation Authority ? and not his cities. The reason I am so upset with Norby (who I thought was a friend) is that he had to denigrate Laguna Beach to make the case for his cities, as it relates to receiving OCTA money. As you can imagine, Laguna is not eligible for as much transportation authority funding as most other cities because we don't have major arterial highways and intersections.
August 18, 2006
The Aliso Creek sewage outfall has been recognized for safe discharge of treated wastewater. The outfall extends 7,900 feet offshore at a depth of 195 feet off Aliso Beach in South Laguna. South Orange County Wastewater Authority recently received its fourth consecutive Gold Peak Performance Award from the National Assn. of Clean Water Agencies for the operation of the outfall. The association represents 300 public wastewater management agencies throughout the United States.
By Cindy Frazier | February 22, 2010
A 15-year-old lot line adjustment has become the latest kink in the works for Laguna Terrace Park tenants who want to buy the land on which their mobile homes are parked. The California Coastal Commission voted Friday that City Council approval last month of a subdivision to divide the park into 158 parcels to sell to park dwellers was appealable to the commission. At the heart of the issue is the commission’s refusal to recognize a 1995 lot line adjustment in the area of the South Laguna property that split it off from a larger parcel that includes the sensitive Hobo Aliso Canyon area.
January 16, 2009
The following is from the Jan. 6 Laguna Beach City Council meeting. ? City joins Prop 8 suit City Atty. Philip Kohn reported that the California Supreme Court granted Laguna?s request to join San Francisco City and County, and other jurisdictions in a challenge to the passage of Proposition 8, which added restrictions on marriage to the state constitution. Oral arguments are expected to be heard within a few months. ?Heroic Rendezvous? accepted The council approved a donation by the Academy of Fine Art Foundation of Tuan?
By Barbara Diamond | October 31, 2008
The more Christopher Toy learned about the threat of wildfires to Laguna Beach, the more convinced he became that the city must take preventative measures. Toy recommended at the Oct. 2 council meeting that the city should create a Wildfire Prevention Task Force, backed up by a petition signed by 25 people who attended a public meeting in September on the threat of wildfires and what individuals can do to help prevent them. ?When it comes to wildfires here, we are all holding hands whether we like it or not,?
By Barbara Diamond | October 23, 2008
About 50 people attended a televised candidates forum, held Monday in the City Council Chambers. The forum was hosted by Top of the World, Temple Hills and South Laguna neighborhood and community associations. The three candidates left another event, to which they had previously committed, to attend the forum. Rollinger left first. “She answered a lot of important questions before the others arrived,” said Temple Hills representative Ron Chilcote. South Laguna spokesman Bill Rihn credited Michael Beanen with drafting the list of questions for the group.
May 13, 2005
Michael Beanan Decades of time and field research have been invested by county, state and federal agencies in proactive, preventive fire management. Today, local county and state park officials do not permit goat grazing (to control wildfire fuels). Instead, a graduated, multi-cut fuel modification zone alternative is employed, such as in the Emerald Bay community to the north of town.The multi-cut, biomass fuel modification program is presently used by the California Department of Forestry and others to protect urban fringe dwellings.
June 17, 2005
The following is a recap of the June 7 meeting of the City Council. JUNE 1 LANDSLIDE Duane Cave, Southern California Gas Co. public affairs manager, reported that service had been restored to 260 homes in Bluebird Canyon by June 3. Gas lines were shut down on the day of the slide to allow emergency personnel safe access to the areas. Bluebird Canyon Homeowners Assn. members Todd McCallum and Steven Huberty thanked the mayor, the City Council, the city manager, Public Works, and police and fire personnel for their tireless efforts and continuous and honest communications with the families displaced by the landslide.
By Barbara Diamond | April 14, 2006
Mayor Elizabeth Pearson-Schneider came out swinging when Fourth District Supervisor Chris Norby's opposition apparently delayed approval of federal grants for Laguna recommended by county transportation planners. Pearson-Schneider has been lobbying Orange County Transportation Authority's Regional Planning and Highway Committee since the April 3 meeting, when Norby's comments that Laguna Beach should not be given beautification funds apparently led to a postponement of the grants.
September 13, 2002
WHAT HAPPENED: The council established special event sign regulations to be adopted no later than Sept. 17. WHAT IT MEANS: The regulations will be in effect in time for the Laguna Beach Rotary Grand Prix scheduled for Sept. 28 and future special events. WHAT HAPPENED: The council approved a modification to the Transportation Demand Ordinance. WHAT IT MEANS: City transportation will comply with recent changes in air quality regulations.
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